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Forest Products at its Best

Hallus-E OÜ has nearly 20 years of experience in timber export and is known in Estonia and abroad for its quality and precision. We offer top quality sawn timber and other forest products to our clients all over the world. We are mostly interested in offering slating battens and pallet material.

About the Company

Almost twenty years in the field, we have been working with many companies in many different countries, offering our clients exactly the products needed.

In the last couple of years we have been involved mainly in the European market. However, interest towards other markets is again increasing.


In September 1992, first load of Estonian timber was shipped from Tallinn to Stockholm. And that's where it all began. Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Taiwan, Vietnam, Faroe Islands... and of course good old Europe - these are only some countries and regions to where Estonian timber has successfully travelled through Hallus-E OÜ.

Other Activities

Hallus-E OÜ also imports top quality, ISO 9001 approved fibers for textile industries. Fibres with different structures and treatment techniques originate from Belarus and can be quickly shipped to your desired destination. Contact for more info.

Company Profile

Hallus-E is an Estonian company specialized in selling different sawn timber products. We are looking for new partners who are interested in buying sawn timber. The company is mostly interested in exporting slating battens and pallet material.

Our main customers are sawn timber importers, wholesalers and also end-consumers.

The company has been successfully operating nearly 20 years and has excellent experience in the United Kingdom, Belorussian and Estonian market. We also have been shipping top quality Estonian timber to Taiwan, Saudi-Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Faroe islands and of course all over Europe, thus making us very actively involved in international co-operation.

Main advantages the company could offer to a potential partner are top quality sawn timber materials, long-term experience in international co-operation and thoroughly planned transportation of the goods.


Piret Zimmermann
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Margus Saadi
email: margus[at]hallus.ee
tel: +372 5091780
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